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Kentucky Mop Microfiber Cloth gives shiny and cleaner look to any surface. Holds more dust, cleans floors more quickly and have longer life than cotton mops. Hygienic Chemical Free Green Cleaning Mop made up with prime microfiber yarn.


Kentucky, Cotton,Mini & Flat Mops with high absorption quality and hygienic cleaning.

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Cappah Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Clothes Perfect for cleaning hundreds of surfaces. They are safe and effectively clean and brighten glass, ceramic, chrome, plastic, marble, fiberglass, stainless steel, leather, granite, acrylic, vinyl, wood, porcelain, and aluminum. We deal in bulk quantity of Cleaning Clothes.

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Trolleys & wringers

Trolleys are compact and efficient mopping trolleys. Lightweight yet durable,
with down press wringer and adjustable handle for convenient movement.

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All our handles are offered in color coded grips
and matching color Mop Holders to complete the set.

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Frames and Holders

Frames are designed as per industrial standard,
extra durability and 360 degree swivel motion.
Made from polypropylene body and rugged

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A complete cleaning kit with all solutions for daily cleaning needs.
The value kit contains a durable metal handle, a flat mop holder
plastic along with two flat mops for dry & wet cleaning.

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