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Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.

Both products are best for their specific purposes. Flat Mop Holder Plastic is used for the mops with the attachements of Pocket and Flap & Ring, where as Flat Mop Holder Aluminum is used for the mops with the attachment of Velcro. 

No, standard and professional wringers are differentiated on the basis of style only.

Wringer is the device to squeeze water out of a Mop.

360 Degree Marketing keeps all the aspects of marketing intact. From a simple product label to its packaging, promotion and then making it a stimulator for revenue generation, Cappah International developed every corner and made more convenience than ever. For a growing market, you need a very special consideration to justify the potential within the available resources. Cappah International has optimal strategies to fulfill this requirement.

Make your own Brand service allows you to market our products as your own product, leverage your existing brand image and presence. With "Make Your Own Brand" every occurrence of the name "CAPPAH International" is replaced by the name of your choice. Other modifications of the trading platform are also possible upon request.

Micro-fiber is virtually scratch free, but may pick up debris that can scratch. Clean micro-fiber products often for best results. Micro-fiber products can be washed up to 300+ times without losing cleaning and trapping abilities.

Mini Mop is usually used for cleaning of a smaller area as compared to Kentucky Mop. Its light weight makes it easy to handle it.

For ,dry cleaning, number of mops are available. You can choose Dust Mops, Flat Mop Cotton & ECU Dry Mop as well.

CAPPAH International offers a vast range of products for domestic & commercial cleaning. It includes Mops, Dusters, Cloths and related accessories.

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