M4 - Microfiber Mega Magic Mop
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Microfiber Mega Magic Mop named as M4 is the first of its kind as a complete unique mopping solution for professional cleaning.

Specifically designed microfiber mop system designed for fast efficient clean-up of soiled floors and spillages with ease. Perfect for applications in large size halls, lobbies, shopping malls, restaurants, schools and healthcare.  Perfect for tackling emergency spills fast in public areas, leaving the floor clean and safe.

No buckets required for cleaning fluids. With a refillable 600ml reservoir of cleaning fluid maintained in the handle, the M4 carries sufficient capacity to tackle large floor areas. The exclusive M4 microfiber mop material cleans and dries fast; preventing bacterial growth and the bad smells associated with conventional cotton based cleaning materials.

The M4 is ergonomically designed with much thought undertaken by maximising the acute angled leverage to counter weight and balance thedevice, reducing both mopping effort also importantly operator energy.  The purpose built M4 with its well-designed frame, unique microfiber mop and technically advanced process, decreases operator effort plus saves the user from neck/back strain or injuries associated with using conventional mopping systems with heavy water soaked cotton mops.The microscopic fibres of the M4 mop remove and collect more dirt, grime, bacteria, and moisture, including food residuals than conventional mopping systems using cloths or cotton mops.  The specially constructed frame with its amazing rotating roller system effortlessly revolves the microfiber mop allowing fresh / clean mop contact with the floor and is ideal for either left or right handed use.

 It’s a combination of both state for the art design and microfiber technology to get maximum output and work efficacy.
- Sufficient for cleaning of 1100* SQM area with single mop
- 95% less wastage of water
- Sustainable and Eco Friendly
Best for clean messes, spills, huge sized halls, lobbies and even misplaced rage.
In short M4 Microfiber Mega Magic Mop is a convenient yet durable option for quick and heavy duty cleaning and a perfect opportunity to buy a complete mopping solution.

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